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Use the web version of QuoteWerks to create, edit, and view your quotes from anywhere using a web browser.

QuoteWerks Web is accessed by your favourite web browser and includes many of the great features in QuoteWerks Desktop, including full support with QuoteValet and Etilize. Users will also have access to their existing documents, products and services, layouts, and more! QuoteWerks Web requires minimal setup and has affordable licensing!

QuoteWerks Web has a full CRM integration with Autotask, ConnectWise Manage, MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com, and Zoho CRM (Watch the videos below). Additionally, there is a basic integration with Google Contacts and SugarCRM where you can search for and retrieve contact information.

QuoteWerks Web Overview

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QuoteWerks Web Licensing & Pricing

How does QuoteWerks Web licensing work?

QuoteWerks Web is an add-on to the QuoteWerks Desktop product that gets you access to your QuoteWerks through a web browser.

If you have purchased real-time licenses, Etilize subscriptions, and/or QuoteValet subscriptions for QuoteWerks Desktop, these features will be accessible in QuoteWerks Web.

The QuoteWerks Web license is £10/month per concurrent user.

How many QuoteWerks Web Licenses do I need?

You only need as many QuoteWerks Web licenses as users that will be using QuoteWerks Web at the same time.

You will need at least one QuoteWerks Desktop License for each QuoteWerks Web License.

Practical Example:
If you have a QuoteWerks Desktop 5-user Corporate Edition license and 2 QuoteWerks Web licenses, you can have a maximum of 2 people using the web interface of QuoteWerks and 3 people using QuoteWerks Desktop.

So in short, whether you are using QuoteWerks through the web or the desktop, you use a Desktop license.

The number of users that can be in QuoteWerks Web at the same time is limited by the number of Web licenses that you have.

QuoteWerks Web Requirements

  • Version 5.4 Build 1 or higher
  • QuoteWerks Web Subscription
  • Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks Desktop
  • An active Maintenance (UMP) subscription
    • As QuoteWerks Desktop updates are released, QuoteWerks Web will also be updated. As such, subscribers will need to apply the latest QuoteWerks updates/upgrades as needed.
  • QuoteWerks Desktop installed on a server or workstation
  • QuoteWerks Database re-hosted to Microsoft SQL
    • The Microsoft SQL Server must be accessible by QuoteWerks Web, either on-premise, hosted by third party provider (like Microsoft Azure or Amazon RDS), or you can sign up for the QuoteWerks Database Hosting Service.
    • If your QuoteWerks Desktop Database is already on Microsoft SQL, QuoteWerks Web can connect to your existing environment enabling you to instantly access all of your existing quotes (no migration needed).
    • QuoteWerks Web is a hybrid cloud solution – we host the web app and you or a database provider hosts your data. You can host your SQL database on your network, Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, or with us via our QuoteWerks Database Hosting Service.

QuoteWerks Web Features and Functionality

Open Documents

  • You can open any document in the QuoteWerks database.
  • Security restrictions are applied, so you can only open quotes that you have access to.
  • If you only have read-only access to a quote then you will only be able to open it in read-only mode.

Edit Documents

  • You can make changes to the quote information on the tabs and the document items and save those changes.
  • All security restrictions are obeyed, so if you do not have the access right to modify any particular field or cell it will be honored.
  • The links tab is viewable.
  • The QuoteValet tab is available showing quote activity and has buttons for displaying the quote on QuoteValet
  • You can lock or unlock the document
  • All drop down lists like DocStatus, SalesRep, PreparedBy, etc are populated.
  • The F2lookup feature is supported in the fields
  • You can add new line items manually to the quote.
  • You can insert new line items manually into the quote. You can even insert them inside existing groups.
  • You can set the Line Item Properties and Line Item Attributes
  • You can set the deposit amount
  • You can set the shipping amount (minus the real-time shipping options)
  • You can change the DocType
  • You can move single or multiple lines in the quote, by cutting and pasting

Create Documents

  • You can create new blank documents
  • You can create a new document from a template


  • You can search for and retrieve contact information from the built-in QuoteWerks contact database.
  • You can search for and retrieve contact information from Autotask, ConnectWise Manage, Google Contacts, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, salesforce.com, SugarCRM, and Zoho CRM contacts.


  • Contact Integrations for web based CRMs/PSAs
  • The full ConnectWise integration is supported including writing Sales Opportunities, Tickets, and more.
  • The full Autotask integration is supported including writing Sales Opportunities, Quotes, and more.
  • The full salesforce.com integration is supported including writing Sales Opportunities, products, and more.
  • The full Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is supported including writing Sales Opportunities, calls, and more.
  • The full Zoho CRM integration is supported including writing Deals (Sales Opportunities), Documents, and more.


  • You can search for, display and use products from native product databases, including from folders.
  • You can search Etilize/content server/real-time P&A for distributor products.
  • You can use Bundles to add groups or kits of items to your document.

Quote Delivery

You can use all your same fpc layout files and word documents to generate output in QuoteWerks Web.

  • You can preview quotes
  • You can print quotes
  • You can email quotes
  • You can upload quotes to QuoteValet


  • You can see and refresh leasing information on the Sale Info tab.

Peer Reviews and Approvals

  • You can request Peer Reviews.
  • You can request Quote Approvals.


  • Label customizations on the quote tabs are applied.
  • Label customizations for all the fields on the main quote tabs are applied.
  • Column heading customizations on the DocumentItems tab are applied.
  • All line item coloring and styling and formatting is applied.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled per user and is authenticated via text message.

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