Training for QuoteWerks

Document Design and Layouts
  • Create first-class documents for your company as part of an initial implementation or subsequent consultancy.
  • What happens when your corporate image changes, you move to a new address, you take on additional goods and services for which you need to quote which require a different sort of layout? This course will enable you to take this expertise in-house?
  • This is a 90 minute training course in QuoteWerks document design, after which you will be equipped to make all but the most radical adjustments to your own documents. This course will be specific to your company and only people from your company will attend. Most companies will send only one delegate, but we will train up to four at the same time if requested.
Price £200 – first delegate. £50 – each additional delegate
Report Writing with the Native QuoteWerks Report Engine
  • This course allows you to mine the QuoteWerks database for the vital management information your company requires to produce clear, useful and good-looking output.
  • Many of the principles involved in the Document Design and layout course apply equally to Report Writing, and delegates should either already be familiar with the document designer and have created their own document layouts, or should have attended the Document Design and layout course.
  • This course lasts for two hours. Each course will accommodate delegates from one company only and so can focus on your specific reporting needs.
Price £250 – first delegate. £64 – each additional delegate
QuoteValet Document Editing
  • Achieve the same results with your QuoteValet templates as with your standard PDF templates, making each equally informative and in harmony with your corporate image.
  • This course lasts for 90 minutes and includes our advice with regard to setting up optional products to encourage up-sell in QuoteValet and getting the best out of the QuoteValet Approval, Peer Review and reporting capabilities.
Price £200 – first delegate. £50 – each additional delegate
Microsoft Excel Integration for QuoteWerks
  • Does your business have an Excel spreadsheet or several Excel spreadsheets which have been developed in-house over a period of time in order to deal with your pricing needs?
  • Do you wish to retain the tried-and-tested accuracy of these spreadsheets when using QuoteWerks?
  • The course also provides – free of charge – the Excel Integration Module and trains your administrator in its setup and management so that you do not have to set your spreadsheets aside when adopting QuoteWerks.
  • This course lasts for two hours and includes a copy of the Excel / QuoteWerks integration module licensed to your company. Only delegates from a single company will be trained together


Price £280 – first delegate. £70 – each additional delegate
Delivery of Training Courses
  • At our offices in Smethwick, adjacent to Rolfe Street railway station.This is our preferred option. Where Two Courses are booked one will proceed in the morning (11 am to 12.30 pm) and the other in the afternoon (2.00 pm to 4.00 pm) and a light lunch will be provided.
  • At your premises (only when two courses are booked for the same day) We will send our engineer to your offices to conduct the training. You will need to provide an appropriate room away from the day-to-day activity of your business. There will be a surcharge of £100 for this service, and travelling expenses will be payable at HMRC standard mileage rates or rail fare as appropriate.
  • Online Conducting the training by online meeting can be done, and the price is the same as for training at Smethwick. When training is delivered on-line it must be targeted at one specific named individual, and is charged as training for one delegate only. Other members of staff may log in to the webinar and monitor the audio feed at no extra cost, but we cannot take questions and input from more than one trainee when delivering training online.