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TXT4CRM is the latest tool to be developed to allow SMS messages to be sent direct to your contacts within ACT! by Sage, (Version 7 Upwards).

TXT4CRM gives you the ability to send individual messages to contacts as well as sending messages to groups of contacts. Each message is recorded in the contact History with time and data and the entire message. Latest added functionality allows ACT! fields to be inserted into the TXT body.

With incredibly low TXT rates, its now so simple and cost effective to send personalised marketing direct to the one device people always have on them and always read, The Phone.

Ever been in a situation that you just can't simply contact your customer?, well now you can pop them a text asking for a call. It's more efficient than voice mail, its more effective than email. It's simply a great way to communicate.

Why not unleash the potential of your customer base, improve your sales, and improve your service. It is time to enter the SMS world and using the power of ACT!. It's now time to really move your business forward with TXT4CRM.

TXT4CRM provides;

  • Improved Communication whilst at the same time reducing call costs
  • Greater Productivity and integration with Staff
  • Customer Service Assistance
  • A Global Communication Tool
  GBP £ GBP Total £
TXT4CRM Application 69.00 - OFFER PRICE UPTO 31/12/2011 69.00
SMS Credits    
1000 60.00 60.00
5000 58.00 290.00
10000 56.00 560.00
25000 50.00 1250.00
Clients must purchase the TXT4CRM application along with a minimum of 1000 SMS Credits. Credits do not expire, they are kept on your account until used. NO monthly charge required.
Pricing excludes VAT and is chargeable to all UK clients. European clients outside of the UK need to confirm company VAT number upon ordering.
Editing TXT4CRM Templates
Editing TXT4CRM Templates
Sending SMS  to Group or all Contacts
Sending SMS to Group or all Contacts.jpg
Sending SMS to Individual Contacts
Sending SMS to Individual Contacts.jpg
Sending Txt Message Screen
Sending Txt Message Screen
SMS Details in History Tab.JPG
SMS Details in History Tab